Our Story

NütriNugget® was born in 2016, when founder Chef Nikolas Grivas, expert in food science and food chemistry, embarked on a mission to create a superfood to inspire consumers to find new love for healthy foods.

Fueled by his passion and drive for heath and wellness, Chef Nikolas created NütriNugget®, a versatile bio superfood that can be eaten as a healthy snack, protein rich supplement, meal replacement, or simply a delectable treat. NütriNugget® are keto friendly, gluten-free, high in plant protein, rich in healthy fats, with a clean ingredient list using natural, organic ingredients; but most importantly they are absolutely delicious.

In 2020, Chef Nikolas joined forces with Chef Rafaelle Mercuri and Chef Angelo Mercuri to expand the NütriNugget® offering, giving the brand new life and launching a line of 3 products with 2 more flavours in development. The team behind NütriNugget® share a passion for their products, which are proudly organic, and Ecocert certified, operating out of a HACCP facility. They are committed to bringing NütriNugget® to the nation while building a ‘NutriNation’ of consumers who can share in the indulgence of NütriNugget® without compromise.

The Power of Raw Cacao

The heart of all NütriNugget® products is raw Organic cacao, ethically sourced from Peru and Ecuador.

Working directly with only the best farmers from the Amazonian jungles in Peru and Ecuador. We harvest raw Organic cacao which is our main superfood ingredient used in all NütriNugget® flavours.

Raw cacao is a superfood rich in polyphenol, which has many health benefits including managing blood pressure, blood circulation, controlling inflammation etc., all contributing to better overall health.

NütriNugget® use cacao as the star ingredient bringing a health chocolate taste to our customers.

A Superfood Combination

NütriNugget® pair raw cacao with other key ingredients, which together make them the ultimate superfood.

Maca powder, hemp protein, and sacha inchi protein are some examples of our ingredients which make NütriNugget® unique.

Our raw superfood squares are keto-friendly, gluten-free, organic, high in plant-based proteins, making them a versatile treat, and friendly to a wide array of different dietary needs.

The science behind our chefs’ recipes make our squares more than just healthy; the combination of flavours come together to create decadent and a chocolate indulgence.

Beyond Chocolate –
The Alchemy of Passion

Discover chef Nicholas’ adventure to South America as he meets the growers and the quality ingredients they produce that are at the heart of every NütriNugget square.

Our journey begins with the Farmers of the Amazon Jungles in Peru and Ecuador.  Come join our NutriNation and you will discover the true treasure lies in the boundless emotions and sacrifice that led to the creation of NutriNugget.

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